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About Us

In 2016 a group of Skagit Valley farmers, economic development leaders and bakers, including our founder and CEO Kevin Morse, started Cairnspring Mills in Burlington, Washington.

Our Story
Growing up in an Italian-American family, Kevin became convinced of the central role community and authentic food like flour plays in life. His later experience as a farmer and Nature Conservancy executive contributed to his interest in rural economic development and rebuilding food systems.
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Our Process
Bakers made nutritious and delicious flours for thousands of years prior to the invention of the industrial flour mill. We are going back to the old ways of milling, but with a modern twist.
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Using Our Flour
Different flours are good at different things. Our flour guides will let you make the most of every one. They've got everything we know about our flours' flavor profiles, their crusts and crumb, mixing and matching for taste and performance, and other pearls of baking wisdom.
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Media & Content
Catch up on the latest video clips, print stories and features highlighting Cairnspring Mills:
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