The Board

Kevin Morse – CEO and Co-Founder
As CEO and co-founder of Cairnspring Mills, Kevin taps into his deep experience as a farmer, economic development leader, conservationist and community builder and applies his can-do spirit to build the mill from the ground up. Kevin recognized that building a new regional grain milling business would bring value back to the community and farmers and was a critical part of revitalizing the local food system. An incorrigible optimist deeply rooted in the beautiful Skagit Valley, Kevin is an outdoorsman, avid fisherman and an Italian who loves to cook and bake.

Steve Brinn – Board Member and Co-Founder
Steve Brinn is a board member at Cairnspring Mills and is CEO at the Raptor Group. Steve manages the Raptor Group investments in Northwest Washington food production, processing and distribution ventures to build food system resilience and generate reasonable returns on capital. Raptor also invests in agricultural and commercial real estate. Steve previously served as COO and later Vice Chairman of Trillium Corporation, a real estate and resource investment company. Steve began his professional life as a business attorney at Brett & Daugert. He has been active in civic, environmental and charitable endeavors for many years.

Jerilyn Brusseau – Board Member
Along with her role on the board at Cairnspring Mills, Jerilyn Brusseau is a cook, baker, restaurateur, business-woman, humanitarian and cultural diplomat. She is a product-development consultant and culinary designer working with many national brands, including co-creating the recipe for Cinnabon World Famous Cinnamon Rolls in 1985. As a life-long baker, she is an advocate for the Northwest grain renaissance. Along with her culinary career, Jerilyn is co-founder of PeaceTrees Vietnam, a humanitarian organization dedicated to healing communities in Vietnam affected
by war.

Chris Brookfield is a VC, seed investor, and entrepreneur focusing particularly on microcredit in developing countries. He is also founder of Elevar Equity which has invested in dozens of companies within its thesis of human-centered venture capital. Elevar emerged out of the Unitus Equity Fund that he also helped organize.

Ken Meyer Served as Executive Vice President of Operations, U.S. and the U.K for Whole Foods Market. Over 25 years of industry experience in organic and natural foods retail space

Greg Moga is the Principal of Moga Investments, providing angel investing to clean energy, biotechnology, food production and media start-ups. Greg is a trustee of the Washington State Chapter of the Nature Conservancy, a board member of the League of Conservation Voters (LCV), a board member of the Student Conservation Association (SCA), and a board member of Greater Seattle Partners (GSP).