Andersen Organics

Adams County, WA

It takes a group effort to bring fresh flour to market, and we’re grateful growing partners Brian and Shaylene Andersen at Andersen Organics in Othello, Washington are part of it. Nobody we know is working harder to grow nutritious grains and conserve the soils our local economy depends on.

The father-daughter team have been producing food together for almost two decades. They're mostly known for their incredible onions, but on the 600 beautiful acres of organic land they farm in Washington's Columbia River basin, you'll often find wheat sprouting between harvests.

“I love growing onions,” says Brian. “They're just a very delicate crop. It's a challenge to figure out how to keep our weeding bills down.” For the Andersens, that means using our grain as a cover crop to keep fields clear between vegetable plantings and discourage pests and other problems without chemicals. It's a win-win. Our mill (and your baking!) helps the farm survive financially while also meeting an urgent organic need.

Brian is always experimenting with new regenerative growing ideas like these. Lately, he's been working on the concept of companion crops—foods that can be grown and harvested together as a way to boost healthy soils' natural microbiome. “If you study all these people talking about your gut microbiome, they're (also) talking about the soil microbiome,” he says. “There's a correlation between the two, and we're just trying to figure out does it enhance that correlation to grow crops together?”