Knutzon Farms

Skagit County, WA

Great flour is a delicate mix of many things — proteins, sift qualities, flavors, nutrient levels, and more. Not every wheat crop makes the cut, but our friend Kraig Knutzon’s harvests always do. His commitment to growing grain with the right taste, nutrition and baking performance is just one reason he’s an inspiration to everyone in our milling family.

In 1894, when Kraig’s great - great - grandparents, Jess and Metta Knutson, pulled up to the swamp land that would one day become Knutzon Farms, it was hard to see anything but a discouraging sea of dead snags sticking up out of way too much mud. But Jess had a vision, and he stuck to it, clearing the land by hand and transforming it acre by hard fought acre into a homestead he called Highland View.

One hundred and twenty five years later, a new crop of 6th generation Knutzons has joined current owner Kraig Knutzon and his wife Colleen to continue their family's unbroken legacy on the farm's XXXX acres. Today, they're known for their potatoes, but they've taken advantage of the need for cover crops to protect their fragile soils during field rotations to grow some pretty impressive wheat on the side.

These rotations aren't the only way the Knutzons protect their land. They've been known to flood their fields with hungry lady bugs to control pests and prefer mechanical methods like tilling to keep weeds at bay. It's all part of the family's goal to grow food as naturally as possible, and that's why we consider them part of our family at the mill, too.