Morrison Farms
Growing food isn’t easy. It takes an incredible amount of work (and passion!) to raise wheat with the peak flavor and nutrition our flour needs, and we’re always impressed by how much of both our partner Darrin Morrison puts into his harvests.

When Darrin's great - grandfather first saw the Skagit Valley in 1889, Washington wasn't even a state yet, and Morrison Farms' incredible soils were hidden under pine trees and swamp. Inch by back - breaking inch, using horses and wheelbarrows, he reclaimed 1,100 acres from the water and became one of the region's best known potato and vegetable seed producers.

Like many of our farmers, Darrin grows wheat to protect his soil between plantings while still generating some welcome income for his family. And he's always hunting for healthy ways to enhance his harvests. Lately, he's been experimenting with sorghum sudangrass as a cover crop, a plant he's discovered produces natural chemicals that help eliminate pests and free up vital calcium in the soil.

Stewardship like this is the Morrison's biggest mission. For Darrin, it's about protecting his family's legacy. “My great grandpa got a turn,” he says, “my grandpa, my dad, my brother and I... and now my son. It's just been in the family that long, and it's my turn. The family heritage part of it is very rewarding. I love the land we have here.”