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Organic Whole Grain Expresso 2.2 lbs

Our organic whole grain bread flour. Rustic, spicy, and caramel colored.

Varietal: Expresso Hard Red Spring Wheat

Perfect for: Whole wheat bread, or any recipe calling for a strong, whole wheat bread flour.

**50lb bags are currently not available for shipping!**

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    The Expresso wheat varietal is a cross between Express and Yecora Rojo. We love it as an organic varietal because of its nuanced flavor and resilience to diseases and rusts.

    This is the unsifted, whole grain version of our Organic Expresso flour. We use 100% of the wheat berry when we mil this flour.

    Unlike industrial mills that remove the wheat germ (which creates a “whole wheat” flour), we mill all of the germ into the flour to create a true “whole grain” flour.

    Organic Whole Grain Expesso can be substituted perfectly with any recipe calling for whole wheat flour.


    The father-daughter team of Brian and Shaylene Andersen at Andersen Organics in Othello, Washington are our newest growers. They harvest organic Expresso red spring wheat on land that's primarily dedicated to producing onions. Planting grain is a way to rest their fields between vegetable harvests and reduce pests and disease without the need for chemicals that can harm the soil and our food, too.

    Recipes to come!

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